About plans for high speed internet connection to the moon

The company will also provide asteroid intelligence data for planetary protection.

Earth, Aquarian Space has announced a $ 650,000 grant from Draper Associates to develop a broadband Internet connection that will connect the moon to Mars.

It aims to have its first high-speed Internet on the moon by 2020, according to a space report.

They can do better

The company says the Aquarian Space is being used to launch billions of space missions for the scientific purpose of humans, which will allow for limited inter-planetary communications capabilities.

According to its website, the purpose is to transfer part of the important scientific data collected.

It will also be able to perform better than existing satellites.

Aquarian aims to create a system called Solnet using high-speed satellite networks that transmit at 100 megabits per second.

The company has also made some announcements regarding the specifications, but some say it is conducting technical reviews with some US partners on NASA’s Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) program.

CLPS was launched to provide private-sector support on the moon for its upcoming Artemis missions.

In the same year, 2021, the surface of the moon and the orbit of the moon. Kelly Larson, CEO of Aquarian Space, said in a statement that there are 13 orbits and orbits.

“By 2030, we will be able to create a multi-billion dollar global economy,” he said.

“But it would not be possible without a solid and reliable connection to Earth and the Moon.”

Intense competition for space telecommunications networks

Yes, Aquarian is not the only company building telecommunications infrastructure for space.

SpaceX was recently praised by the public for using its Starlink Internet satellites to keep people on the ground connected to Russia, which is still under Russian aggression.

The all-civilian Polaris Dawn mission, scheduled for later this year, will soon test the same satellite network for space communications.

However, NASA warns that Starlink satellites are so numerous that they could make it more difficult to locate a potential asteroid on a collision course with Earth.

In contrast, satellites from Aquarian Space will provide satellite protection data, including Space Situation Awareness (SSA) for lunar defense, in addition to asteroid reconnaissance, it said on its website.

Finally, Aquarian Space will have to try to differentiate itself from SpaceX, which has become NASA’s largest partner in recent years.

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