About the blue sea and other sea colors

Depending on where we are, the sea may be blue or green. Green It may be gray or brown.

If you collect seawater with a bucket, it will be clear.

So if we look at it, we can see why the oceans are so colorful.

When we look at the ocean, we see reflection in our eyes.

Things in the water absorb some of the colors and reflect the colors that are reflected in the ocean.

Sometimes the ocean is green.

Phytoplankton Image
Phytoplankton Image: Courtesy of National Ocean Service

Water, which contains a lot of very small plants (phytoplankton), is less visible and greenish-blue or grayish-blue.

This is because these young plants contain a compound called chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll absorbs blue and red light but reflects yellow-green light.

That is why the water with the plants is green to us.

Sometimes the ocean turns red.

These oceans are usually red or reddish brown.

This is because all the red water does not appear as red water, but because of the presence of reddish-brown dinoflagellate.

Dinoflagellate Image
Dinoflagellate Image: Courtesy of Wiki Common

Mostly We think of the ocean as blue.

Visit tropical oceans like South Florida or the Caribbean and see the beautiful blue-green waters.

This is because there are no particles in the water. When sunlight passes through water, water molecules absorb the red light, but reflect the blue light and make the water glow blue.

The ocean near the coast is brown.

In the coastal areas, the sea water is muddy brown.

This may be due to infiltration of sediments from the bottom of the ocean or water entering the ocean through rivers.

blue sea

In the Black Sea, the ocean is dark. This is because of the limited depth of the ocean where light can penetrate.

At 656 feet (200 m), the sea level is relatively dark at 3,280 feet (2,000 m).

The ocean also reflects the color of the sky.

To an extent, the oceans often reflect the color of the sky.

So when you look across the ocean, on a cloudy day, you see brown, At sunrise or sunset, orange, On a clear, sunny day, it looks blue.

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