SkyDrive and Suzuki to launch joint venture for flying cars

flying car

SkyDrive, a Japanese company that makes eVTOL aircraft capable of vertical take-off and landing, has announced a partnership with Suzuki. They will jointly produce two small electric car jets, which are expected to be unveiled at the 2025 Osaka World Motor Show. SkyDrive is set to become one of the leading manufacturers of vertical eVTOLs … Read more

About plans for high speed internet connection to the moon

The company will also provide asteroid intelligence data for planetary protection. Earth, Aquarian Space has announced a $ 650,000 grant from Draper Associates to develop a broadband Internet connection that will connect the moon to Mars. It aims to have its first high-speed Internet on the moon by 2020, according to a space report. They … Read more

About a new design that could become the standard for future passenger aircraft

Flying V

Researchers in the Netherlands have successfully tested a small V-shaped passenger aircraft. Named the Flying-V, the aircraft will use less fuel than previous passenger aircraft and will have more passengers and crew on its wings. It can carry fuel tanks and goods. Experts have managed to fly this 3-meter-long model that weighs 22.5 kilograms and … Read more

A mind-blowing robot hand created by a high school student

Benjamin Choi, a 17-year-old high school student in Virginia, has created a robotic arm that can control his mind during his free time during an epidemic. About 10 years ago, Benjamin Choi watched a 60-minute documentary on mind-controlled prosthetics. In the video, researchers insert tiny sensors into a patient’s brain to move hands. He has … Read more

Technology to build satellite antennas with 3D printing technology in space

3D Printing Technology

The cost of transporting satellites into space is extremely high. The launch of a new 3D printing technology that will now be in orbit around the world could significantly reduce the cost of launching a satellite. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, a Japanese technology company, has announced the development of 3D printing technology for satellite antennas using … Read more

Wireless charging technology while driving cars

wireless charging technology

One of the most important issues for electric EVs is the power supply, which currently has charging stations. Stellantis, a multinational automotive corporation, is working on a unique project. This is good for electric cars that can be charged wirelessly on the road, which is good news for future EVs. Stellantis recently demonstrated its Dynamic … Read more

Audi’s electric tricycles are expected to extend the life of EV car batteries

electric tricycle

Globally, the number of electric cars is growing and we need to figure out how to dispose of their expired batteries. The pressure on how to deal with the toxic batteries of toxic EVs is increasing day by day. Audi is testing a possible option, which is a way to reuse those batteries. Numan and … Read more