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Audi’s electric tricycles are expected to extend the life of EV car batteries

electric tricycle

Globally, the number of electric cars is growing and we need to figure out how to dispose of their expired batteries. The pressure on how to deal with the toxic batteries of toxic EVs is increasing day by day. Audi is testing a possible option, which is a way to reuse those batteries. Numan and … Read more

What could happen in 2050 if climate change could not be stopped?

climate changes

Before the epidemic, the problems of the world were more than enough, and unfortunately, they will not go away quickly. Therefore, climate change remains one of the main threats facing us. But global warming is not happening fast. This is because slow global warming could turn life on earth into a real hell. In the … Read more

Wooden skyscrapers that will soon become popular

Wooden Skyscraper

Wooden skyscrapers are slowly gaining popularity and are likely to become more common in the coming decades. Concrete skyscrapers are called skyscrapers, and teak skyscrapers are sometimes called “plyscraper”. They were once merely conceptual designs, but with the changing attitudes toward building codes and building materials, these wooden skyscrapers have become a reality. The wood … Read more

About icebreaker submarines

icebreaker submarine

About submarines Of the world’s waterways, the northern glacier is extremely difficult and normally impossible for ships to navigate. But there is a way. This is the way to go with a large nuclear submarine called an icebreaker. Submarines can split up to several meters of ice and create a waterway of tens of meters. … Read more

GM and Lockheed three-month electric vehicles

GM’s Ultium technology used in Hummer EVs in three-month electric vehicles. General Motors and Lockheed Martin to produce three consecutive months of electric spacecraft for future space missions. The companies said the project aims to test GM-produced batteries for space later this year. According to CNBC, it has big plans to test the prototype in … Read more